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 Wanted: Serious RPGers

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PostSubject: Wanted: Serious RPGers   Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:14 pm

Greetings all:

I am looking to set up a Rotational AD&D 2nd Edition Campaign.

What's a Rotational Campaign?

A rotational campaign is where the entire gaming group is involved in the creation of the campaign world and storyline. This is accomplished by rotating the DM and group. Example: A 2 - way Rotational Campaign involving a rising conflict between a Human Civilization and an Orcish army (Think Warcraft) with 4 people might go as follows:

Gamers: Mike, John, Tim and Laura

Let's say Mike is the DM in charge of running the human side of the campaign. John, Tim and Laura would run the PCs selected from the traditional races.

Then perhaps John DMs for the Orcish side of the campaign. In which case Mike, Tim and Laura would run Goblinoid PCs.

The two sides of the campaign would be intermingled through storylines. For instance, one session the Orc group may ransack a village and leave it a smoldering wreck. Then the next session may involve the Human group investigating the ruins in search of clues as to why the attack occurred or to locate a particular item of interest. Etc.

These are not campaigns for the novice player since they rely a lot on each person's talents at assuming various characters without using player knowledge. They are also, however, some of the most excited adventures since you are forced to be the goodie two shoes vermin control most campaigns seem to focus on.

Why 2nd Edition - you do realize there's a 3rd and 4th Edition right?

Good question, and the answer is this. THIRD AND FOURTH EDITION SUCK!!! By trying to make the game simpler for new players to learn, Wizards of the Coast stomped on the genius of TSR and stripped much of the allure of the previous systems. Don't worry if you're unfamilar with 2nd Edition, the mechanics are different (better), but easy enough to learn. And also, don't worry if you don't possess any 2nd ed. materials, I have established a sizable library of the different Handbooks and have no quams about getting more if necessary. Ebay has the Player's Handbook available for under $5 with S&H.

How many players are needed and where do I apply?

Rotational campaigns are complicated enough without having too many cooks in the kitchen, so only 4 - 5 total players are needed (so the party sizes will vary between 3 or 4 PCs). At least 2 individuals must be willing to do DM duties, although I've been in groups where everyone DMs for a different Faction before and it's insanely fun and intricate.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, either reply to this post or send me an e-mail at anthony.smith@darton.edu
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Wanted: Serious RPGers
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