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 Games and other things that have come in

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TV Guardian
TV Guardian

PostSubject: Games and other things that have come in   Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:51 pm

So we got pretty much everything we put in for EXCEPT for the copies of counterstrike.

What that means is we now currently have TEN copies of tf2 that anyone can use on any computer (though patch downloads are rough).

The semester starts back, and we currently have two 360 games (street fight 2, and Soul Calibur IV), so feel free to bring some 360 games for everyone to play (LIKE BLAZBLUE JEFF). We also have all our boardgames, a new tv, and of course the cube with melee and other assorted Gamecube games.

I believe we're also still seeing about getting the game room after hours.

Finally, I can't drive until October, so anyone who wants to give me a ride can do so = (

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Games and other things that have come in
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