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 Times from 10/29/08 meeting

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Bagel Master

PostSubject: Times from 10/29/08 meeting   Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:51 pm

These will be edited in the upcoming days for neatness and such.

4:10pm- Opening comments by Alex

4:12pm- Budget discussion, the budget is currently set at 1700$
-Items on the budget discussed at the meeting- Xbox 360 Arcade edition+hard drive, Wii+controllers: cost estimated
around 400$
-Requested items : Snes, Dreamcast, Scrabble boardgame, surge protectors, extenders for said surge protectors.

4:15pm- Possible games for online teams-Counterstrike and Teamfortress 2, cost will be around 300 dollars for the accounts. The possiblitly of getting some kind of educational discount from Steam (the company that sells accounts for Counterstrike/Teamfortress 2) was also brought up.

4:18- Lockers suggested

4:26- Printing fees for membership cards were brought up, nothing final was decided.

4:27- Travel, 500$ per trip (edit- I was later told that it's actually 500 per semester.) Suggested tournament-Greatest Melee tournament 2 December 20-21 (edit- The date for this tournament WILL change to sometime next year)

4:29-Team name suggestion: G.L.U.E., G.B.O.P., and G.O.O. (edit-I forgot to ask what the team names stood for at the meeting Embarassed , if someone could respond or send me a pm/im with the names that would be great.) . The team name vote will take place at the next meeting.

4:31-Forum for gaming club, now up and running as you can see Smile

4:33-Membership fees goes towards the t-shirt, the fees are five dollars I believe.

4:35- Vote towards paying for the club shirt via membership fees passed

4:37- Possible Magic the Gathering tournaments discussed

4:41-Meeting ends, the next one will take place in three weeks. 11/19/08

.......I personally think this format blows, if there is anything I can do to improve on this please post/yell at me in the game room >.>.

-Jeff Lewis

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Times from 10/29/08 meeting
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